About Us

Patrick and Stephen Sharpe are two college graduates that grew up in the small country community of Crisp, North Carolina. These two brothers and young entrepreneurs have always loved fishing and the outdoors. They had a dream to start their own clothing company based on freshwater fish designs and fishing gear and thus, RiverCast OutFitters was born. RiverCast OutFitters encourages everyone of all ages to enjoy fishing and being outdoors. Their designs are based around freshwater fishing in local rivers, lakes, ponds, reservoirs and streams, and anything fishing and hunting related. Cast on!


Stephen Sharpe (CEO)

Stephen(22) is an avid fishermen. He has graduated from East Carolina University in the College of Business with a concentration in Finance. He grew up in Crisp, North Carolina and is an Eagle Scout. Stephen is the Chief Executive Officer of RiverCast OutFitters, LLC. He is our lead designer and head marketer.

Patrick Sharpe (President)

Patrick(24) is an avid duck hunter and all around sportsman. He has graduated from the University of Mount Olive in the department of Agriculture. He grew up in Crisp, North Carolina and is also an Eagle Scout. Patrick is the President of RiverCast Outfitters, LLC. He is our head project manager.